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A Value-Focused Approach

After Matt, our CEO, graduated from college and started his first successful credit business, he went to purchase his first home. Even though he had been paying his rent on-time for many years, it did not show up on his credit report or help his credit score. In fact, his credit was still pretty limited at that point. Matt had a hard time qualifying and was forced to postpone the purchase of his dream home.

Matt was again reminded of the importance of building credit when the Credit CARD Act was passed which changed the legal age of credit card holders from 18 to 21. He struggled with how college graduates were going to fare after school when starting off with zero credit.

RentTrack was born from the basic idea that renters should have the same benefit from renting as mortgage holders. Rent effectively is a contract and why shouldn’t you get credit for it? We believe if residents want to pay online and build their credit, everyone benefits.

RentTrack is the only company that has been approved by all three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian & TransUnion to report rent payments. Our goal is to make RentTrack the most loved payment option for renters across the country.

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RentTrack helps tenants learn about and build credit history, while providing landlords with a effortless way to accept rent payments online. If you’d like to learn more about RentTrack’s services, please contact us.