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Get credit for up to two years of on-time rent payments

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Strengthen your credit history

Right now, you can build credit when you  protect-credit-1.png Pay Rent Online. But, we're taking it a step further.

We're about to offer the ability to report 2 years of previous rent payments. We'll verify your rent regardless of how you made your payment.


1. Enroll in Pay Rent Online & Build Credit and report payments


2. Enable one-time look to report past payments

3. Report Past Payments up to 2 years back, and get the credit you deserve

How reporting past payments works


You share your rent details

All you'll need is to share a copy of your rental details and any previous lease(s) going back up to 2 years.


We verify the details

Our verification specialists will confirm that your rent was paid according to the terms of your lease.


We report it

Once we verify your payments, we can report them to all three credit bureaus so you get the credit you deserve.®

Pay once, report up to 2 years of rent


12 months



24 months

2 years of rental history

We'll add a positive tradeline to get you the credit you’re due.

Real results. No bull.

On average, we've seen scores improve 29+ points.

We report to all three credit bureaus.

Your payments are reported to Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

Reporting to all three bureaus


You don't know which score a lender will use to check credit worthiness. Don't leave it to chance.



What increases can you expect?


Imagine your rent payment is a credit card account.

Say you pay $900 a month over a two year period, totaling $21,600 in on-time monthly payments.

As credit card payments, that amount would play a huge part in making an impact on your credit score.

But as rent that's not reported to credit bureaus, those huge past payments count for nothing. Let's change that.

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Report your past payments and Get the Credit you Deserve®

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