Earn revenue for every sign-up

Offer residents a credit-building advantage

For most renters, their monthly rent payment is their largest expense — yet very few get credit for it. Together, RentTrack and RealPage are out to change that.

As the first rent reporting company to build relationships with Experian, Equifax and Transunion, RentTrack securely and accurately adds rental payment information as a new tradeline on renters’ credit reports. RealPage users can now report positive information that can make a big difference for their residents' credit.


Attract and retain credit-conscious renters

On average, resident scores increase by 51 points after approximately 1 year of rent reporting. A better credit score translates into big savings for residents, with lower financing rates and more financial opportunities.

One simple step to enable reporting

No extra work for your staff

To allow your residents to start having their rent payments reported to all three bureaus, all you need to do is fill out the enrollment form at the bottom of this page to enable rent reporting at some or all of your properties. Our support team is available to field questions and support both you and your residents.

RentTrack gives residents more than just reporting.

What's included:

24-month-lookback.svg 24 Month Lookback

After they sign up, residents can add up to 2 years of past payments on their current lease to their credit report.

credit-score-and-insights.jpg Credit Score and Insights

Residents can view their score, see factors affecting their credit, and track changes with monthly updates.

credit-protection.svgCredit Protection

Real-time alerts keep residents safe from identity theft and fraud, and make it easy to stay on top of changes to their credit.

Create a new revenue stream

Generate additional revenue from your property

Rent reporting is fully paid for by residents. When you opt to enable rent reporting for your properties, you will begin receiving shared revenue payments as soon as residents sign up, and continue for the entire lifetime of their subscription while at your property.

Make a difference for your staff

Discourage late payments and delinquencies

When residents know you’re equipped to accurately report data about their payment habits, it prevents late payments and gives you additional recourse against severely delinquent residents.