Pay rent online and build your credit

Invited to pay rent online by Pepitone Properties Corp.? You're in the right place.

With RentTrack, you have the option to report your payments to all three credit bureaus so you can build your credit.

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How to make convenient, online payments through RentTrack:

You've got options: Choose your payment method, and choose when to pay.

Safe and secure: RentTrack uses bank-level security to protect your payment.

Build your credit: If you choose, you can get credit with all three bureaus at no extra cost.

The easy way to report your rent to all three major credit bureaus

custom-property-all-three-1.svg No added debt

Building credit used to mean taking on more debt — not with RentTrack.

custom-property-all-three-2.svg You're in control

There are no fees to sign up, and you can cancel payments or turn off reporting any time.

custom-property-all-three-3.svg Pay your way

Conveniently pay online using a credit card or your bank account.

We've seen scores increase 29+ points in two months and 132+ points in 2 years.


How RentTrack works for Pepitone Properties Corp.:


Sign up

Sign up and connect your bank account, or enter your credit or debit card info. If you want rent reported, go through our easy verification process.


Pay rent

Schedule an automatic online rent payment for your monthly balance, up to a maximum amount you set. It will be charged and sent to Pepitone Properties Corp. on the day you select each month, between .


Get credit

Every time you pay, we report it to all three credit bureaus.


No more physical checks, cash or money orders to pay rent


Build credit without loans or credit cards


Schedule convenient, recurring payments

Bank Account:


Per payment

Credit Card:


Per payment

Don't want your rent reported?

No problem. If you'd rather pay online without having your payments reported to credit bureaus, you can sign up without opting in for rent reporting.

Does RentTrack perform a hard inquiry on my credit?

Nope! RentTrack only does a soft inquiry if you sign up to report your payments, which does not affect your credit score.
Learn more about hard and soft inquiries.

Is paying online safe and secure?

We take security seriously. RentTrack is a certified credit reporting agency, and we exceed federal and private standards for security.
Here's more about our security practices.

What type of rent information is in my report?

Your report shows your rental property details and how much your monthly rent payment is. This updates monthly.
Find out more about how rent reporting works.

How do lenders use my rent information?

Your rental tradeline is used in different scoring models, such as FICO 9 score and VantageScore, and is also accepted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for mortgage decisions.
Learn more about credit scores.

Set up your online rent payment now

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