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Other services call your landlord every time you pay, and make them sign up — RentTrack just sends them your rent check. They don't have to pay or sign up, just cash a check. That's it.

Pay online with us, and your payments are reported to all three credit bureaus so you can build your score.

Reporting to all three credit bureaus.

On average, users see their credit scores increase by 29 points after only 2 months.


The easy way to report your rent to all three major credit bureaus

pay-rent-icon-automatic.svg No new debt

Building credit used to mean taking on more debt — not with RentTrack.

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There are no fees to sign up, and you can cancel any time. You pay us only when you send a rent check.

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Pay online any time, or schedule automatic monthly payments for maximum convenience.

We send the check for you — and your rent payment stays in your account until it's due.

How RentTrack works


Connect bank

Connect your bank account and let us know when rent is due. (We need at least a week's heads up!)


Pay rent

We cut a check on your behalf, made out to your landlord. We mail it first-class and let you know when it's on the way.


Get Credit

When your landlord cashes the check, the money comes out of your account like usual, and we report your payment to all three credit bureaus.


It's your money — you control how & when it moves


Cancel your check or stop payment at any time


per rent payment

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“I went to buy my first scooter, and they said I didn’t have a credit score. Someone suggested RentTrack. I’d say it was 3 months into using you when I showed a score of 699! I still use RentTrack, and I think I'm up another 20 or so points. I love this service!

— Bailey Cross,

RentTrack User


Just wanted to let you know that because of my paying my rent through RentTrack my credit score has gone up 52 points. We will make sure to let all of our renters know that this really does work and that it will work for them also. — Doug Tobias, Real RentTrack User and Property Manager

Stronger credit means a brighter financial future

With a better credit score, you can:


Save thousands of dollars on a mortage or other loan

Get approved for a car loan

Qualify for a mortgage to buy a new home


Frequently Asked Questions

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