We make your rent a credit tradeline.

A tradeline is an account that shows your purchase and payment activity. It’s a record of how well you take care of your obligations, used by the major credit bureaus to create your profile and score. Until now, renters never got credit for paying rent. No longer. Now, get the credit you deserve.®

Trade Line

No mystery. No fine print. Here's how it works.

We're a credit reporting agency, which means we can report the rent payments you make through us, to all 3 major credit bureaus.

With each payment, you receive a positive mark on your credit report – the longer you demonstrate responsibility, the better your credit.


We verify you

It’s your money and it's your credit, and we take both seriously. We'll check your driver's license and ask you a few verification questions.


verify your landlord

We verify your landlord, ensuring we sent your payment where it needs to go. We give you peace of mind, without needing your landlord to sign up.

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You Build Credit

With both parties verified, you’re ready to go. All you do is pay your rent each month and build your credit as you do.

Our verification steps protect your identity and prevent fraud. We've made the process fast and easy.


You set up a payment

Once you're signed up, simply select your payment method.

  • how-it-works-mastercard.png

    Debit Card

    2.95% Fee

    Safe & secure, giving you peace-of-mind.

  • how-it-works-any.png

    Credit Card

    2.95% Fee

    Earn points or cash-back!

  • how-it-works-check.png

    ACH payment

    $6.95 / Month

    Secure eCheck format & simple flat rate.

  • how-it-works-visa.png

    Direct to Landlord

    Most landlords cover the cost.

    Payments can withdraw same day.

…and schedule it

Decide when the payment should arrive, and we'll also show you when you get charged.


A small fee that does big things

To get you the credit you deserve is a process with many different moving parts. We won’t hide what we do, we’ll tell you just where your fee goes and why.


Your Rent Payment


verification costs


banking transaction fees


credit reporting licensing


our cut

See what it will cost you to build credit

My rent is $


service fee


your payment

Our goal is to change legislation.
Join the movement.


Because we know your landlord was paid, we can accurately report the payment to all 3 credit bureaus.


You've got questions, we've got answers

At RentTrack, we have simple guidelines – keep it simple, honest and transparent. No fine-print or hidden charges, only customer service you don’t expect but deserve.

  • Why do I have to verify my identity?

  • Why am I charged before my payment is due?

  • What if my parents pay my rent?

  • Can I report my previous rent payments?

...renters saw an increase in their score of 10 points or more after just one month.

...RentTrack helps renters build credit...

RentTrack helps first-time buyers and others get monthly payments into their credit profiles.