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Your credit score is the number that gives lenders and employers a quick picture of your creditworthiness.


With a better credit score, you'll qualify for better rates, save money, and improve your financial future.

Your credit score is your ticket to a stronger financial future

Put yourself in stronger position buying a car, applying for a loan, a mortgage, insurance, and going after that next job.

A recent RentTrack study showed a 29 points average increase in just two months. With that improvement, you'll qualify for lower interest rates. Over 24 months, this could save you:

Auto Loan


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Understanding your credit score

What does your credit score tell lenders? It's not just about late payments or unpaid accounts—a low credit score might indicate that credit bureaus simply don't have enough information to go on.

No Credit

Until you open a credit account that is reported to a credit bureau, you'll have no credit file and no credit score. We call this The Catch-22 of Credit - it's typically difficult to establish credit on your own without a co-signer. Fortunately, you don't need a credit score to use RentTrack.

Thin Credit

Lender's like to see a pattern of responsibility. If you only have one or two accounts, even a major car loan, you'll have a thin credit file. To secure a better score and qualify for a mortgage, you'll want to add additional accounts. RentTrack is great for beefing up your credit file.

Bad Credit

Life happens. Late payments and accounts in collection will result in bad credit. By demonstrating responsibility with a new tradeline, you can patch things up and secure a stable financial future. A long-term lease, reported through RentTrack, can go a long way for your credit history.

"You can't build credit scores unless you borrow money."

"With RentTrack, you can build credit without taking on more debt." REALITY

Start building credit

Whether your landlord uses RentTrack or not, you can build credit today—we'll either make a direct deposit to your landlord or mail a check. The power to build credit is in your hands.

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