Keep watch over your credit, in real time

Protect yourself from the effects of a data breach

One in four people experiences identity theft. Don’t leave things to chance in the current climate—stay on top of changes that affect your credit, instantly. Alongside  protect-credit-1.png Pay Rent Online & Build Credit we offer immediate alerts with protect-credit-3.png Credit Protection.

Your credit protection dashboard

Detect key changes with 24/7 instant alerts.

Stay informed and in control with industry-first instant notifications. RentTrack tracks every change and provides you with helpful steps if something out of the ordinary appears.

Stay informed and own your information.

This is your data, and we keep you in control of it. We're doing more than catching identity theft; we'll let you know if your credit card balances change, or if a late payment is reported.

Effortless monitoring with notifications your way.

Mobile friendly access to your credit info is only the beginning—you decide how and when you want to be notified of changes via email alerts.

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Monitoring and protection with RentTrack

Don’t wait to start monitoring your credit. With RentTrack's protect-credit-3.png Credit Protection Service, you'll be notified instantly about:

New Credit Inquiries

New Accounts

New Public Records

Score Improvement


Late Payments


New Addresses

*Credit Protection is part of our Pay Rent Online & Build Credit service. This add-on will notify you when report changes are detected.

How credit monitoring works


Credit Inquiries

See who's looking at your credit report to protect against unauthorized hard inquiries that can damage your score.


Identity Protection

Know if someone changes your address or opens an account in your name to stop fraud before it happens.


Public Record Alerts

Stay in the loop when new information that could hurt your credit score is made available in public records.

Start monitoring your credit health today

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Credit protection is available for all current RentTrack customers. Log in to your account to upgrade now, or sign up today:

Start monitoring your credit health today

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No commitment

You're in complete control, there's no contract.

Optional landlord involvement

You can sign up right now, without your landlord getting involved.

8 business day turnaround

We're moving your money quickly, but cautiously. Checks go out via USPS, so we give them a little wiggle room to make sure payments arrive on-time.

Flexible pricing

Unless your landlord's enrolled, we'll charge $6.95 when paying with a bank account. Use a debit card for 2.75% and credit card for 2.95%.