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Credit 101

How You Can Build Your Credit by Paying Rent

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5 Common Misconceptions About Reporting Your Rent to Credit Bureaus

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Credit Scores 101: How They're Calculated & Why You Need Them

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What are Tradelines, and How Do They Impact Your Credit Score?

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Frequently asked questions


Does RentTrack perform a hard inquiry on my credit?

Nope! RentTrack only does a soft inquiry if you sign up to report your payments, which does not affect your credit score.
Learn more about hard and soft inquiries.


Is paying rent online safe and secure?

We take security seriously. RentTrack is a certified credit reporting agency, and we exceed federal and private standards for security.
Here's more about our security practices.


What type of rent information is in my report?

Your report shows your rental property details and how much your monthly rent payment is. This updates monthly.
Find out more about how rent reporting works.


How do lenders use my rent information?

Your rental tradeline is used in different scoring models, such as FICO 9 score and VantageScore, and is also accepted by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac for mortgage decisions.
Learn more about credit scores.

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Security and privacy

RentTrack keeps your personal information under lock and key.

Find out more about our security standards, and what else you can do to stay safe online:




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