RentTrack Announces a New Look


We’ve made tremendous progress as a company, and it’s incredibly important that our brand reflects what RentTrack has grown to become, while still reinforcing our core beliefs.

We see paying rent differently We always have. It’s why we work hard on our product, hire the best people we can, and listen to our customers.

We believe in the benefits for renters. It’s why we didn’t settle for one bureau, or two. We secured all three, and we are fighting to make rent reporting a tenant right.

What we do has real purpose. We’re transforming the financial future of renters, building out credit education, and inspiring landlords to adopt a better way of collecting rent.

We’re still the same RentTrack at the core, but just a little more grown up.

So, it’s time for change. A change that reflects our vision, that reinforces our commitment to renters, and one that fuels the rent revolution that is RentTrack.

Over the next several weeks, you’re going to see the look & feel of RentTrack change. For starters, we’ve got a new logo.

It’s colorful, bold, and unmistakably different. A powerful statement that RentTrack is your modern rent solution, and while we’re still that casual and friendly company – we take credit very seriously.

This new mark represents incremental progress and movement as renters build their credit, improve their financial future, and secure their goals. For some, that’s home ownership, for others it’s financial freedom…and for many it’s convenience.

No matter the goal, we’re here to support a diverse group of renters.

Along with the new brand comes a new slogan: Payments with Purpose

We have a real purpose in shaping the future of rent.

We hope you enjoy the new look as much as we do! You might stumble upon the old look from time to time, it’s going to take us several weeks to fully embrace our new brand.

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