RentTrack Integrates with ResMan Software


Santa Barbara, CA, Mar 19th, 2015 - RentTrack, a leading online rent payment provider and pioneer in rent reporting, has been working closely with ResMan, a premier multifamily management platform, to provide an integrated online payment experience for ResMan’s property managers and their residents.

RentTrack empowers property managers to collect rent online in the formats their residents want to pay: with eCheck or Credit Card. The easy to use software reduces late payments through credit awareness, rent reporting, and fast direct deposit, all while eliminating the hassle of paper checks. One of RentTrack’s key differentiators, however, is its ability to help residents build credit history by reporting rent payments to major credit bureaus like Experian and TransUnion. In fact, residents can view their latest credit score and profile when they sign up to start them off on the right track.

“We’re excited to work with ResMan to bring rent reporting to their customers. The integration was fast, and we’ll continue to evolve quickly to meet the online payment needs of our joint clients,” said Matt Briggs, CEO, RentTrack.

Built by active multifamily professionals, ResMan Property Management Software provides customers with an intuitive end-to-end solution. ResMan understands the competitive market that their customers face and the need for the ResMan platform to enhance that performance through strong feature sets and through an open integration policy.

“At ResMan, we believe in building true partnerships with our customers,” stated Elizabeth Francisco, ResMan COO. “Our customers and thus their customers are important to us at ResMan, which is why we welcome the opportunity to integrate with companies like RentTrack that provide a real value-add to the management company and to the actual resident.”

RentTrack’s integration with ResMan will also provide an easy onramp for existing ResMan clients. The integration will ensure ResMan customers won’t have to sacrifice smooth monthly payment operations in order take advantage of the increased adoption of online payments they’ll enjoy as a result of this new amenity.

About RentTrack

RentTrack® gives residents a real reason to pay rent online and on-time. RentTrack can report rent payments directly to major credit bureaus to help residents build credit history. For the first time, consumers have a new avenue to build credit without incurring debt. RentTrack makes online rent payments easy by accepting credit cards and e-checks while integrating closely with leading accounting software. For more information, visit

About ResMan

ResMan®, Property Management Software, provides users one platform to manage “core” functionality unique to property management improving data integrity and overall productivity. ResMan solves the technology headache by providing powerful but simple, and intuitive software, low-impact rollouts and helpful humans who can solve problems fast. To learn more visit, or call us at (855) 737-6261.

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