RentTrack Delivers Integration with Promas


Minneapolis, MN April 1, 2014 –RentTrack, an online rent payment processing solution for property managers that combines rental payments with consumer credit services for residents, announced today it has completed Promas rent payments integration.

“Integration with industry-leading property management systems is critical to our clients and we see this as another way RentTrack delivers value,” said Matt Briggs, RentTrack CEO. “Promas has committed, loyal clients using their rental property and association management software, and we’re excited to be an integration partner. This partnership is an example where mutual clients requested integration and we quickly delivered. Promas made it easy with a well-defined integration framework that we seamlessly plugged into.”

“Promas recognized the value of RentTracks’ tenant focused approach and how that would benefit existing and future clients, “ said Mike Mumford, CEO Promas. “Our clients expect us to stay on top of innovative solutions and they will benefit from higher online payment adoption, and streamlined payments and accounting integration”.

The integration with Promas continues RentTracks commitment to provide best-of-breed capabilities by delivering the highest online payment adoption of any rent payment provider. With tight integration, Promas and RentTrack clients will leverage RentTrack’s tenant focused services with all the benefits of Promas’s property management solutions.

About RentTrack

We built RentTrack for the new generation of renters who will demand they get something in return when paying rent. RentTrack uniquely combines electronic payments with consumer credit services, as well as the ability for residents to report rent payments in order to build credit history. For property managers, RentTrack makes it easy to accept credit cards and e-checks online while integrating with popular rental accounting software.

RentTrack takes a resident-focused approach to rent payments. We believe if residents want to pay online, everyone benefits.

About Promas

PROMAS Property Management Solutions provides a family of products for professional property managers, association management companies and self-managed associations. They combine a desktop application with online access to owner and tenant portals. Integrated accounting and property management reporting functions form the backbone of a feature-rich, affordable, easy-to-use product line.

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