Don’t just pay rent.

Get the credit you deserve.

We pioneered rent reporting & report to all 3 major credit bureaus. Learn More.

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Build credit as you pay rent online


Month after month, you pay your rent and have nothing to show for it. No longer.

RentTrack is changing that; giving you a way to build credit, with the payments you’re already making.

A smarter way to build credit

Good credit opens doors as bad credit closes them. Until now, to build credit meant taking on more debt. It was unfair and made no sense. So we did something about it.

With our Tri-Bureau rent reporting, we’ve seen scores increase an average of 29+ points in two months, and 132+ points in two years.

A better approach to rent payments

Pay your rent and get on with your life


You sign up

Answer a few basic questions & verify your identity with a few clicks.

Pay online anytime

Pay rent with ACH, credit, or debit card.

Pay any landlord

No need for your landlord to sign up.


We process your payment

Use your bank, debit, or credit card to schedule your rent payment.


We pay your landlord

We'll mail a check or make a direct deposit. All scheduled, delivered and confirmed.


You build stronger credit

It’s what you deserve. You get it, month by month, with each rent payment.

Very good
Increase your score by 29 points on avg.

How will you pay?

  • Pay a little and get a lot
  • See your credit score
  • Earn points or cash-back
  • Use credit when cash is tight

Real benefits and real savings add up to real money.

Not just a lower payment, a better rate can mean more car for your hard-earned dollar.

Interest Paid
500-589 - very poor
After 29 point increase
Savings Of
$30,000 | 40 Months | Fixed Rate

Start building credit for a better financial future.

We believe in transparency. So here's our fine print - It's impossible to know what rates you will qualify for, as every financial situation is unique. Our data is based on average interest rates for credit score ranges, as reported by financial lenders. Actual rate's may vary by lender, loan amount, and credit history. Savings are a representation and are not guaranteed.

Pay any landlord online


Your landlord doesn’t have to sign-up, we’ll work with you either way.

Without your landlord

You can use RentTrack without your landlord's involvement. We mail them a paper check. But, they can always decide to sign up anytime.

Questions? Chat with us.

With your Landlord

If your landlord is signed-up, there may be lower pricing, and we may be able to withdraw your rent the same day it's due.

Get Started.

Use rent to build credit

Make your next rent payment online.

To do it right, RentTrack sets a higher standard

RentTrack is secure
PCI Compliant

PCI Compliance protects sensitive data. We work with an independent security assessor to conduct audits of our processes and systems to uphold the highest PCI standards.

Identity Verification

We are subject to KYC (“Know Your Customer”) and AML (“Anti-Money Laundering”) regulations. This means we verify the identity of all parties in a transaction.

Secure Practices

We use state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission (HTTPS with RSA 2048 bit key) and in our databases (AES 256 encryption). We do not store sensitive personal, credit, or banking data on our servers.

EI3PA Compliant

EI3PA is Experian’s compliance requirement to protect consumer’s credit data. We hold this certification to uphold our commitment to security.

Regular Scanning

We use the best tools available for SSL Certificates and regular security scanning. We conduct periodic PCI compliance scanning using McAfee Secure and daily malware scans using Norton Secured tools.

What we need and why
Accurate Reporting Requires:

To get you the credit you deserve requires accurate reporting – that starts with your driver’s license and social security number.

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Claire's Story

I went to buy my first car, and they said I didn’t have a credit score. Someone suggested RentTrack. I'd say it was 3 months into using you when I showed a score of 680! I still use you, and I think I'm up another 20 or so points. I love this service!

Start building credit

RentTrack is available for Renters and Landlords. If your landlord already uses RentTrack, you may see faster delivery times and a lower technology fee.

RentTrack is available in the USA.

...renters saw an increase in their score of 10 points or more after just one month.

...RentTrack helps renters build credit...

RentTrack helps first-time buyers and others get monthly payments into their credit profiles.

Build credit history

When you pay rent online.

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