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Renters - It's that simple.

When you Pay Rent Online with RentTrack, you Get Credit For It!

Set Up Automatic Payments

Want to set it and forget it? With RentTrack, you can set up automatic online rent payments. Set it once and don’t think about it again.

Get Reminders

Need a nudge? No worries, RentTrack will help you take care of the important stuff. Get reminders when rent is due or if your credit card is about to expire.

Build Credit History

Want to get ahead? RentTrack can report your rent payments to major credit bureaus. We’ll even start you off with a free credit score and profile summary.


Pay by eCheck or Credit Card


Start Paying Rent Online

Pay Rent Smarter in 3 Easy Steps

1. Search for your Rental

Find your rental, or let us send a friendly invitation to your landlord to join RentTrack.

Search for your Rental
Choose Payment

2. Set up your Payment

Pay rent online by eCheck or Credit Card. Securely enter your account information once and your rent will be paid on-time, every-time. Easily switch your payment method whenever it suits you (like when you need airline miles for summer vacation).

3. View Your Credit Summary

View your latest score and profile. Keeping tabs on your credit is the best way to make sure it’s accurate and moving in the right direction. Credit follows you for your whole life – it’s good to make friends early.

View Your Credit Report
Pay Rent Build Credit

Ta-Dah! Relax and Build your Credit History

Opt-in to bureau reporting and get credit for your rent payments at major credit bureaus!

Pay Rent Smarter

People Love RentTrack

  • " We set up RentTrack at Chandler Crossings at Michigan State. It was perfect! The students pay rent the way they expect to – online – and it gives them a way to build credit history before they graduate. For us, we see more tenants paying electronically than ever before – making things easier on everybody. "

    Pat Smith, CEO Westpac Campus Communities. Chandler Crossings is one of the largest student housing complexes in the country.
  • " RentTrack can be especially helpful to tenants, whether they’re in large apartment complexes or off-campus student housing or are renting from mom-and-pop landlords. "

    Kenneth R. Harney, Washington Post

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Landlords - let's make this Easy.

Collect Rent. Screen Tenants. Reliably. Effortlessly.

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Get Paid Quickly

Tired of chasing down payments? RentTrack alerts you the moment your tenants have paid. Funds deposit within 24-72 hours, without you ever visiting the bank.

Gain Reliable Renters

Looking for responsible individuals? RentTrack gives tenants an incentive to pay on time. If they opt-in, we report tenant payment history to major credit bureaus.

Collect Payments Effortlessly

Overwhelmed with paper? Manage any number of online rent payments without the hassle of paper checks, insufficient funds, or snail mail.


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Existing renters or landlords can find help here or please Email or call 1-866-841-9090 and press 2 for support.

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